Opening October 2023:
The new PN Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification


The data is clear—people need coaches who can go beyond nutrition and fitness to address the root of their problems.

Over the past few years, there’s  been a significant shift in what many people need from a coach.

Yes, there are still people who want to drop fat, get toned, build muscle, or optimize performance.

But for a growing number of people, life in the 2020s has completely reordered their priorities as they’re facing unprecedented challenges in their health and lives.

Some recent statistics illustrate this trend:…

  • People now value overall health as 5x more important than physical appearance according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Reducing stress and improving mental health are the top reasons people now exercise according to a Mindbody survey.
  • 42% of consumers consider wellness to be a top priority—encompassing health, mindfulness, and sleep along with nutrition, appearance, and fitness—according to McKinsey and Co.

It’s clear that now more than ever, people need help improving their physical and mental health, bolstering their immunity, and learning how to better handle stress—so they can feel and function their best.

But amidst all of the change our world has experienced, many health, fitness, and wellness professionals are struggling to find a clear path forward.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe you recognize an opportunity here… an opportunity to impact the health of others in an even bigger way… an opportunity to experience even greater career fulfillment…

… but you’re not sure how to adapt your business and deliver the results people are looking for?

The PN Level 2 Certification can help you bridge this gap. 

You can help people achieve the results that matter most to them—while positioning your business to succeed now and in the future.

In the Master Health Coach Certification, you’ll be personally mentored by PN’s industry-leading coaches for a full 20 weeks.

They’ve lived and breathed health and nutrition coaching for years, worked with thousands of different clients, and now they’re ready to share their hard-earned wisdom with you.

They’ll peel back the curtain and teach you how to use PN’s world-renowned “deep health” coaching method to help your clients get results that go beyond the surface, guiding them toward important—possibly even life-saving—changes to every aspect of their health.

You’ll get all the tools, strategies, and methods you need to thrive in today’s uncertain environment—while building a rock-solid business that lasts for years to come.

Bottom line: If you’re ready to become a leader in the health and wellness field—the PN Level 2 Certification is made for you.

Through daily hands-on practice, Mentor-led skill development, regular feedback and support from PN’s expert coaches, and a community of supportive peers, you’ll become the absolute best coach you can be.

Inside the Master Health Coach Certification you’ll…

  • Get personally mentored by the world’s top coaches. The surest path to mastering your craft is to practice it consistently, and to refine it under the watchful eye of a world-class coach. We’re ready to be that mentor for you.
  • Get behind-the-scenes access to our revolutionary, holistic “deep health” coaching method. You’ll get access to the best tools, strategies, technology, and resources we’ve used to help over 100,000 of our own clients get results that go beyond the surface, guiding them toward important—possibly even life-saving—changes to their health.
  • Learn from real coaches. Through case studies and weekly, live online workshops led by one of PN’s industry-leading coaches, you’ll practice what you’re learning with peers, get expert feedback, troubleshoot, and take your learning to the next level.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of behavior-change psychology. You’ll better understand how people think, feel, and behave. And you’ll know how to keep them on track and inspired—even when the going gets tough.
  • Network with the best of the best—join our private online group of health and fitness professionals. Ask questions, network, learn, and get support from your peers.

As a result, you’ll:

  • Deliver unparalleled results for anyone who comes to you for help—getting and retaining up to 10x as many clients as before.
  • Master the advanced coaching skills you need to help even the toughest clients get “unstuck” and progress consistently toward their goals.
  • Feel more confident and capable than ever—knowing you can handle any coaching scenario.
  • Develop a clear, structured coaching process—so you can help more people and build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

BIG NEWS: The PN Level 2 Certification can now help you become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

The PN Level 2 Master Health Coach Certification is now an Approved Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)!

This means that graduates of the PN Level 2 Certification who complete the program are eligible to apply for the Health and Wellness Coach Certifying Examination to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), if they choose to do so.

Earning the esteemed NBC-HWC credential and completing a rigorous training program is an opportunity to bolster your reputation as a qualified health and fitness professional—allowing you to stand out from the pack and coach with more confidence than ever before.

But that’s not all.

According to the NBHWC, coaches who earn their NBC-HWC credential can also experience the following benefits:

  • Complimentary listing in the National Directory of Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches. The NBHWC consistently promotes this directory on social media platforms to consumers to draw awareness about this respected credential. Coaches can be searched by state, city or zip code.
  • Job opportunities: Many organizations prefer to hire coaches who hold the NBC-HWC credential, and when job opportunities become available, the NBHWC places this information on their private social media page so NBC-HWCs are informed and in the know.
  • The opportunity to (potentially) get reimbursed for their health coaching services through insurance.

This is why we’re offering two different pathways for students who join the PN Level 2 Master Health Certification:

Path #1: Become a PN Certified Level 2 Master Coach. Health and fitness professionals not interested in becoming a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach will only need to complete PN’s 20-week core program. You’ll earn the PN Level 2 Certified Master Coach designation, and you’ll gain the knowledge, strategies, and hands-on experience you need to take your coaching skills to a world-class level. That means better results for your clients—and your business. Guaranteed.

Path #2: Become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach—and earn the PN Level 2 Certified Master Health Coach designation. Once you complete PN’s 20-week “core program” (and meet the live online session attendance requirements), you can opt-in to take additional prerequisite course requirements for the NBC-HWC pathway. This includes our Preventative Health Science Unit, completing 3 live mentoring sessions with a PN Master Coach, and passing a final Practical Skills Assessment oral exam. (This all comes at no extra cost to you, and could take an additional 8-12 weeks, depending on how you pace yourself.)

With all requirements completed, you’ll earn the PN Certified Master Health Coach designation, and can apply for the HWC Certifying Examination to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. (See NBHWC website for full requirements and timing.)

Bottom line: Our goal with the PN Level 2 Certification is to provide the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to take your coaching and your career to the next level.


Why we created PN Level 2

The PN Level 2 Certification started as our own in-house training program for newly hired Precision Nutrition coaches.

You see, as talented as some of our applicants were, we saw a big opportunity to help them master their skills so they could consistently coach at the highest possible level.

PN has helped over 100,000 people transform their health and lives through our online personal coaching program since our inception, and our coaches each work with several dozen clients at a time. This means they need to deliver world-class results at the same quality (or higher) than they would if they were only coaching a handful of in-person clients.

So we created an intensive coaching curriculum for our new recruits and paired them with one of our Precision Nutrition Master Coaches to form a practice-based mentorship.

We were blown away by the results.

Already great coaches were now 10 times better at creating connection, navigating challenges, and helping clients achieve their goals.

After seeing what the program did for our own coaches, we decided to make it available exclusively to our Level 1 students and grads who want to take their skills to the highest level.


Why the best coaches get coaching

As you know, your clients don’t get healthy by simply learning about health. They get healthy by practicing eating well and exercising consistently—along with your guidance and support.

Likewise, the surest way for you to become a world-class coach is by practicing excellent coaching consistently—under the guidance of your own coach. This is why PN Level 2 is not just a learning program. It’s a learn-by-doing program.

One of our Level 2 grads said it best:

“If Level 1 was like learning how to do surgery, the Level 2 Master Class is like standing beside a world-class surgeon while they help you perform surgery!”

What does this mean for your coaching practice?

Well, aside from the deep satisfaction that comes with mastering your craft, we also know that the Level 2 Certification has a real impact on coaches’ business and finances. The average Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach:

  • gets more clients than the average Level 1 coach,
  • gets better results with those clients, and
  • reports more fun and enjoyment in their coaching practice.

Indeed, as amazing as our Level 1 certified coaches are, recent ProCoach data with over 100,000 clients shows that Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified coaches have 10 times(!) the retention vs. Level 1 coaches.


What’s new with the Level 2 Certification?

We recognize that more people than ever are looking for a qualified professional who can help them experience everything a healthy lifestyle can offer.

A coach who understands how each dimension of health—mental, physical, emotional, and more—are deeply entwined and strongly connected.

And most important: a coach who can help them make intentional, meaningful changes to each of these areas in their lives—consistently and reliably.

We want to help you become that kind of health coach.

At Precision Nutrition, we’re constantly looking for ways to incorporate new research, real-world coaching experience, and feedback from our community to make the PN Level 2 Certification the top coaching mentorship program in the world.

Through survey responses from Level 2 graduates, we uncovered two opportunities to make the program even better:

  1. Many students found it challenging to maintain the level of focus and the time commitment that the Level 2 Certification requires for an entire year.
  2. Students found live interaction and hands-on practice with PN’s coaching team and peers incredibly valuable—and wanted more of this.

This feedback served as the catalyst for making important updates to the program.

What we added:

  • Weekly, live online coaching workshops—where you can get hands-on practice, receive personalized feedback from your mentor coaches, and network with other like-minded professionals who are going through the program with you.
  • Updated lessons, case studies, and course materials—all based on the latest scientific research and the most up-to-date findings from our work with over 100,000 clients in our personal coaching program.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to our revolutionary “deep health” coaching method. You’ll get access to the best tools, strategies, technology, and resources we use to help people in our personal coaching program get results that go beyond the surface, guiding them toward important—possibly even life-saving—changes to their health.

In the PN Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification, we’re going to peel back the curtain like never before and share all of the best tools, strategies, technology, and resources we’ve used to help over 100,000 people in our personal coaching program get results that go beyond the surface, guiding them toward important—possibly even life-saving—changes to their health.

Results like this:

Until now, we’ve kept most of the dynamic, day-to-day coaching methods we use to deliver our Deep Health Coaching Method a secret.

But now, inside the PN Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification, you’ll get behind-the-scenes access to the same training and mentoring program we use to onboard the full-time coaches we hire.

Through updated case studies and course materials, hands-on practice, weekly online coaching workshops, and guidance from PN’s industry-leading coaches, you’ll master advanced skills most health and wellness professionals don’t even know about.

Specifically, that means…

  • Being able to deliver holistic health coaching to diverse populations—no matter who comes to you for help, you’ll be prepared to deliver amazing results to each and every one.
  • Feeling more confident and competent than ever—instead of dreading tough client situations, you’ll eagerly anticipate them as fascinating puzzles to solve. And you’ll have all the tools necessary to do it—at a world-class level.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of behavior-change psychology—so that you better understand how people think, feel, and behave. And knowing how to keep them on track and inspired, even when the going gets tough.

Is PN Level 2 right for you?

We’ll be the first to say that PN Level 2 isn’t for everyone. It’s an intensive, structured program that will need to take high priority in your life for nearly 6 months. You need to show up ready to learn, grow, and improve. And you need to be open to feedback and mentoring from someone who’s ready to help you realize your full potential.

Our most successful L2 students have graduated from PN’s Level 1 Nutrition Certification or a similar course/degree program and have some experience working with clients or patients in the field.

To give you an idea of the commitment, you’ll spend roughly 6-8 hours per week participating in the live online learning sessions, practicing your new skills through coursework and case studies, and connecting with fellow health and fitness professionals.

So if you’re happy with where you are right now—if you feel totally confident that you can help anyone who comes through your door—that’s awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you want to:

  • Take your coaching skills to the highest possible level
  • Deliver the best possible results for the most people
  • Make a significant impact in the health and wellness field

… And if you can dedicate your time, attention, and effort to mastering your craft—then the PN Level 2 Master Health Coaching Certification is for you.


Only one issue: The program only opens up twice a year—and spots sell out FAST.

Because the PN Level 2 Certification offers personal attention to every student, we can only accept a small percentage of the people who want to work with us. Only the most eager and serious get in.

So with over 150,000 Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification students and grads, and only a few spots available for the next class, we’re preparing for the same thing to happen again: Spots will sell out. And they will sell out fast.

That’s why if you’re interested in being a part of this exclusive group, we recommend that you join the Level 2 Certification Master Health Coaching Certification waitlist (it’s free and there’s no obligation).

Add your name to the PN Level 2 Waitlist and you’ll get the chance to register 10 days before the public. Plus, you’ll get a huge discount on the program and bonus perks.

It’s our way of rewarding the people who are ready to get started and want to gain true mastery in their nutrition and fitness coaching practice.

Ready to join us? Let’s change the game.

After coaching over 100,000 clients and developing some of the best professionals in the health and nutrition coaching field, we’re absolutely certain that the PN Level 2 Certification is a game changer.

You’ll learn more in 5 months than most coaches learn in 5 years.

You’ll take your coaching skills to the highest possible level.

And you’ll make the biggest possible impact, for the most people.

Get early access, exclusive bonuses, and our biggest savings

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